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Life Calendar - Events & Photo

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Utilitaires Productivité Forme et santé
Développeur AppSoftia AB
48.99 USD

This is the calendar app that has everything you can imagine. It is ready for iOS 10 and ready for 20178


- The events from your iOS accounts. Synchronization of such accounts works with iCloud, Google, Outlook etc.

- Photos and Movies from your iPhone/iPad. These are displayed integrated with your events in the month views and the day view. In addition we have an own photo-view to show the photos on the whole screen

- Health Data collected and stored by your iPhone’s Apple Health. For instance our app can show your daily step count day by day. A full definition of which of Apple Healths types our app can show, is be found at

- Weather forecast

- Zodiac signs

- Sunrise and Sunset

- Week numbers

- Flag days for supported countries

- Public holidays and other well-known day properties for supported countries

- Name-days for supported countries

- Moon Phases 2010 - 2030 (in-app purchase)


Most functions are usable within our basic app, without buying anything in-app purchases. However, many extensions and add-ons can be bought as in-app purchases to extend the basic functionality. For instance you can buy extended Health browsing and Photo browsing, making it possible to show Health or Photos in the previous months, instead of just in the current month.

You can browse our calendar app between the years 1990 and 2037. The app is fully integrated with iOS: it stores the events in the accounts which iOS is synchronizing between your devices.

In the photo view, you get an overview of all your photos/movies, month by month. By clicking on an item, you enter the media browser. There you can show your photos/movies in full-screen, rotate and zoom, as well as show photos/movies on Apple TV using AirPlay.

Note that not all iOS devices supports Apple Health. For instance, this is not supported on iPad, whereas iPhone 5S and the later phone models have full Health support from Apple. Please make sure that you are familiar with Apple’s own iOS Health app, to know what you can expect from our app.

We care about your integrity. Therefore we NOT send/save/share your health data anywhere outside this iOS application itself.


- Browse photos and movies from almost any view

- Photos can be rotated, zoomed, full-screen fitted, and showed both on your device and on Apple TV simultaneously

- Events can be colorized and styled per calendar account

- Events can be copied/cut/pasted

- Weather forecast, sunset & sunrise are shown for your current device location

- Health data is shown as bar diagrams in the month views and as horizontal bars in the day view. Health data of min/medium/max-type can be shown with min-max interval

- Specific calendars within your accounts can be selected/deselected

- Powerful search function

- The app-icon badge can show the day of the month or the week number

This app includes the possibility to buy a 1-year subscription providing the functionality from all other opt-in features for one year ahead. The subscription is called "All add-ons and extensions". If you do not cancel the subscription within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, it will automatically be renewed. The price and the functionality included can be found in the details for this in-app purchase. See for full details. Our privacy policy can be found here:


- Flag days are only supported for the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway & Sweden

- Public holidays and other well-known day data are only supported for the following countries: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway & Sweden

- Name-days are only supported for the following countries: Denmark, France, Germany & Sweden

- We are only able support you in the English or Swedish language